Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shake Shack

Milkshake, burger, and fries PLEASE. 

The weekend is here and sometimes you have to treat yo self. . . or at least that is my motto once the weekend hits. After an entire week of eating clean, I do not see a problem with one cheat meal!

So. . . I decided to treat my tummy to Shake Shack. A well-known burger joint throughout the country but I stopped in the Philly location on Chestnut Street. I ordered the Shake burger that comes with a single patty of beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and shake sauce. I could not only order just a burger. My tummy was HUNNNGRY. So, I added the crinkle cut fries with melted cheddar and American cheese. And I could not forget about ordering a drink. . . so why not add a vanilla shake? I am going all out on my calories for the day with treating myself to a big lunch. 

When my number was called it was the best moment of the day. My food looked amazing and I could not decide on where to start. Do you start with the burger, fries, or shake first?! After seconds of contemplation, I dove right into the burger. The burger was fresh and the shake sauce was goo-ood. The fries were hot and the melted cheese on top was delicious. I am glad that I added that extra topping of cheese. Lastly, my shake. My milkshake was a nice creamy vanilla blend topped with whip cream. All I could think was am I in food heaven?

Overall, Shake Shack was amazing and I had a great experience. The food is fresh and they had great customer service. The food came out hot and was ready for me to pick up from the counter within minutes. I will definitely go back again! 

Want to check out the menu?  -------->

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